Sunday, July 31, 2005

Outlander on the Runtur...

Irish journalist and writer Clement Wilson, of "Outlander on the Runtur", currently staying in Iceland, was with the natives of the Westman Islands (along with other guests from the mainland and abroad a total of about 10.000 people), celebrating "Þjóðhátíð", a breathtaking experience, I should think:

[Quoting mr. Wilson:]
"...there is a special song composed each year to celebrate the festival. This year's song is a particularly excellent ditty.
The chorus is as follows:

[Original text in Icelandic, by Hreimur Heimisson:]
"Ég finn frið inn í mér,
Á þjóðhátíð ég upplifi lífið með þér."

Which literally translates as:
I find peace within myself,
At the festival I experience life with you."[End of quote]

- If you read mr. Wilson´s post from the festival (more posts from him on the Westman Islands in July 2005) , you will find a more frivoulous version of the song, adorned with a very complementive picture. Also his commentaries on the "goings-on" and some more funny photos from the festival.

Texts (in Icelandic)and some tunes to all "þjóðhátíðarlög" 1933-2002!

This year´s festival song was composed by musicians Hreimur Heimisson og Vignir Snær Vigfússon, text by Hreimur.

* Með þér *

"Out of the Summer Seas,
in the softness of the breeze,
with mountains on green fleece,
there rises Heimaey...."

- Poem by Ási í Bæ, an Icelandic poet from the Westman Islands.

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