Thursday, July 07, 2005


My sincere condolences to all Londoners, Brits and especially to everyone that lost a dear one in the bombing.

Terrible, shocking news this morning. I totally agree with the mayor of London when he said in his statement this morning that this is not sabotage, it´s a massacre of innocent people. This was not only an attack on Britain, but an attack on all cilvilized societies in the world.


Johnny Newt said...

I would have to agree also, Greta. Someday these vile "criminals" who engage in these abominations are going to learn there is no room for them left in this world and that there fanatical intolerance and hatetred will not gain them even an inch of ground.

A Hairy Snail said...

truly a saddening event that. especially after winning the olympic bid that too.

*sigh* pity - similar things happen in india everyday, but never get publicised. you should go to kashmir. last summer i had gone backpacking there. and every night i went to sleep only after hearing gunshots. out there, somewhere.

Greta said...

Yes, that´s very sad.
I suppose that we in the west are prone to emphasizing the importance of things happening close to us, forgetting what happens further away. But that´s in human nature.

The scale of the importance of news to the media was once put (rather sarcastically, I admit)like this by a teacher of mine:

1 person died in Iceland
10 persons died in England
100 persons died in Turkey
1000 persons died in India
10000 persons died in China

I think he was right.