Friday, July 08, 2005

The Festival – Þjóðhátíð in Vestmannaeyjar 2005 (July 29th - August 1st)

This is an offer I got in my e-mail inbox tody. Got the idea to post it on here on my blog, if it should be of interst to anyone.
I was in Vestman Islands once for three days and never on the festival, but it´s supposed to be hilarious, as well as boisterous and rowdy! :

Domestic Air offers flights to Þjóðhátíð (Thjodhatid) in Vestmannaeyjar 2005:

Flights between Reykjavík and Vestmannaeyjar only ISK 5.750.-/€ 73/ $ 87 one way with Domestic Air. Bookable at Air Iceland


Festival in the Westman Islands
Held the first weekend in August (July 29th-August 1st). The festival has been held every year since 1874 when the islands inhabitants were weather-bound and unable to reach the mainland to celebrate Iceland´s 1000 years of settlement. They didn´t give up but held their own festival instead. Today the festival is a large event with many attractions. Many of Iceland´s most popular bands perform.There are impressive firework displays, a huge bonfire and a communal sing-along. It is common for guests to sing and party till dawn. Source: Westman Island´s Homepage.

Festival price ISK 9.900./€ 108/ $ 128 - (Presale ISK 8.500.-/€ 126/$ 150)
More information Air Iceland

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Thomas said...

Looks wesome! A bit lost but it is even better!;)