Friday, July 22, 2005

Throw Away The Key

If you believe a girl should be able to walk down the street in broad daylight without being abducted and murdered by a known felon, then it is time for you to get involved.

Johnny, this post is for you and your favorite political cause!

At the same time I want to stress (because of the analyzis in the linked page of the proposed new laws on death penalty in Mass.) that I am on principle anti death-penalty , ergo I am pro life-sentence for such crimes of senseless cruelty.

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Johnny Newt said...

Thank you greta this is very thought full of you. I can't say that i approve of the death penalty either, but some of the things these sick criminals do to our children makes my blood boil., as dose the way our justice system has come to tolerate and propagate this kind of madness. it's time for outrage in every sense of the word. here is another blog i've come across that gives a very good sence of what we are dealing with.