Sunday, July 17, 2005

Free Khalid Jarrar

Jailed Iraqi blogger - please help

A few days ago a member of the international blogging community named Khalid Jarrar, was picked up by Mokhabarat (iraqi intelligence) at his university and remains under custody. His brother Raed Jarrar, (from the now famous Where is Raed? Salam Pax Baghdad Blogger Duo) reports that his charges relate to his blogging, and is doing his best to get the word out at:

You can help as well by going to the site below d signing a petition addressed to the Iraqi Embassy in Washington D.C. demanding his release:

We the undersigned demand that the security forces that have detained Khalid Jarrar immediatly release him, and that a full scale investigation be conducted into how it came to pass that an individual can be held captive for the sole reasoning of expressing their views. It behooves us as American citizens whose troops are occupying Iraq to demand that Iraq be adminstered in a fashion that protects individual rights.

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