Thursday, July 14, 2005

Murderers, not muslims

Some interesting views by Guðmundur Andri Thorsson, columnist of "Fréttablaðið" newspaper, July 11th,2005 (in my simple translation):

"It´s hard to imagine anything more unnatural than sacrificing ones life in order to kill other people. To kill is perverse, but it´s a double perversion to kill oneself to kill others. Such behaviour goes against a law of nature that one feels that it´s inborn into all beings created to honour: The will to live. The force of life that we are born with, that drives us to action every day - to be awake and work - it´s the light that drives us on when we feel the darkness and we can´t see the road ahead and forget that the meaning of life is life.When people sense this force of life burning bright inside them, this connection to creation, this bonding to the grass that grows and and the bird that sings, they are filled with a sensation without words that the religions of the world are supposed to bring to order. "Trúðu á tvennt í heimi/tign sem æðsta ber/Guð í alheims geimi/Guð í sjálfum þér." (Believe in two things/most precious/God in (the) universe/God inside yourself).
It´s does not come naturally to us to kill. Gunnar on Hlíðarendi (a beloved hero from the ancient Icelandic Saga Njála , that has been made into this film:Trailer), that the modern time does not understand, put it something like: that he didn´t know if he was less courageous than other men, as it put more strain on him to kill than on other men. In other words: when he was young he was busy being a hero, could never get used to the killings and fled back to Iceland where he wanted to work his fields - but was not allowed to, because he was marked out to be a soldier, to death, as it is a lost soul.
Murder is one of the primary sins and the murderer awaits to be dispelled, both from God and men, he has crossed the border of no return - and that´s why most killings - whatever the producers of American entertainment will have us believe - usually happen accidentally, not because someone is evil or has a "killer instinct". Before men become soldiers they have to be put into special camps, where they get their humanity taken away from them by concentrated brainwashing; they are fit for warfare only after being impregnated with the idea that "the enemy" is not human, but an impersonal force, some wall or mass, "the others", not us.
Muslims believe in the same God as Christians and Jews and even though traditions differ from country to country, for historical and environmental reasons, these religions fundamentally share the same values - for example the idea that life is sacred and that revenge is for God to decide, not men. Even though one may get fed up with the influence of stagnated old men who think only of their "old land" in the muslim religious societies of Europe - and their patriarchial views and adherance to old doctrines - it´s quite certain that the only way in "the fight against terrorism" is to search for what we have in common in different religious and atheist societies, getting rid of as much as possible of the things that divide people.
There is special reason to warn against too tough security measures against the people that the murderers claim to be the representatives of: Ever tougher measures is the Israelis way to stop the bombings against civilians, with the result that the terrorism is increasing rather than the reverse.
The murderers in London were not muslims.The criminal acts of bombing in London were directed at muslims as much as any other inhabitant of this wonderful city, where a multitude of religious cultures have bloomed side by side for centuries. The bombings took place in places where muslims live and work and the aftermath will first and foremost be on them. We don´t even have any certain answer as to who is to blame - there is a mention of some Al-Kaida-variation, which reminds us that Osama bin Laden is still at large and fancy free, while the fortress of his greatest enemy in the Middle-East, Saddam Hussein, was invaded and made into an Al-Kaida nest of war."

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