Saturday, July 23, 2005


In memory of Pope John Paul II, lest we forget:

Pope touches hearts among Muslims

In the Arab and the Muslim world, the Pope has been remembered above all for his support for the rights of Palestinians.

His opposition to the war in Iraq also won him widespread support.

But Pope John Paul is also praised for his work to promote dialogue between the different faiths.

He was the first Pope to pay an official visit to a mosque.

In the year 2000, the Pope entered a mosque in the Syrian capital, Damascus, which also contains the tomb of John the Baptist, the Christian saint.

A leading cleric in Malaysia said he hoped Pope John Paul's successor would follow in his footsteps to increase understanding between Muslims and Christians

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A Hairy Snail said...


Islamophobia is ever on the rise. Imagine this - I hadn't shaved for a week and hence had quite the beginnings of a beard. One of my Dad's collegues came by home and on seeing me tells me that I am looking like a Muslim! Ended having quite an argument with him. Much to my dad's annoyance though.