Monday, July 11, 2005

The Belly of the Indian Woman


Johnny Newt said...

A lovely custom, I've always found Indian women to be so beautiful. There adornments and dress only add to there allure. It saddens me that soon we will live in an age were traditional dress wil disappear all-together.

Greta said...

Do you really think it will?
I don´t think so, even though it may become a way of dress only for festive occasions, like in the west.

Johnny Newt said...

Thats sort of what i mean , sure there will always be celebartions and special occations for Traditional dress, but the every day tradional atire that makes parts of the world so unique and colorful really is dissapearing around the world. I've always said that progress is often times the death of culture !

Greta said...

That´s very deep. You are probably right, but I think that´s inevitable as well, we always have to move on, we can´t stay still. Like one of our most beloved poets of the 19. century, Jónas Hallgrímsson, put it:

"Það er svo erfitt að standa í stað,
og mönnunum munar
annað hvort aftur á bak
ellegar nokkuð á leið."

(It´s so hard to stay in the same place,people will always move either forwards or backwards)

But I think fortunately there will always be people who find the need within them to go back and search for and learn from how things were done in the past.