Monday, August 01, 2005

Dave and Stu on the runtur

+ 1 - 0 | § first morning (and hangover in rek)

"OK, we are here! It's Saturday morning and we are a wee bit hung over. First impressions: the water stinks mildly of sulfur (rotten eggs), it is cold and wet, and i have not seen many trees. Everyone has been really friendly so far. Most of the tourists seem older. All the buldings are build to with stand some major weather! Seriosly, many buildings are clad in corrigated steel, or have just plan sheets of metal bolted onto them. It's a wierd mix of Euope and N. America: the hotel's ground floor is 1 (America), they have round electical sockets (Europe), the cars are the same as in America, the buldings definately have that northern European look.
Oh, and the beer is really expensive."

Aha, guys, let´s face it, you´re in "Little America"!

See you around in the Hótel Frón, maybe.

(How on earth do I put comments on your blog?)


Stu and Dave said...

Yea, the blogging software we chose is a bit...rustic. Frankly, I'm too busy being on holiday to figure it out myself...but I am sure if you mess about with it you can have some success...others have.

And we don't find it to be 'Little America' - it's not NYC or Zurich nor is it Dearborn MI but it is Nordic and it is fun. Everyone has there opinions ;-) We'll see you around maybe tis week end ?

Greta said...

Ah, I´m happy to hear that, as I like to think that my country is quite unique! - Regardless of "outlandish" (NB.not to do with THE "Outlander") influences! ;o)