Saturday, August 06, 2005

My shopping spree...

I went on a shopping spree today, something I enjoy immensely, I´m very good at spending money when the mood takes me:

First I went to Ikea and bought two pillows, a set of pink pillow- and duvet-cases and a sheet to match, some artificial pink roses and some strawberry-scented candles...
...It´s our weekend off, you see... ;)

I also bought some stuff for the hotel there. The owner-lady and I have discussed some new things we´d like for the diningroom, and as she hates shopping, we agreed that I (who LOVE shopping) would go and look for things and buy samples to show her. It´s working very well and I enjoy myself thoroughly doing this!

Wow, then I went on! I was going to go to my favourite second-hand shop, the "Góði hirðirinn" (The Good Shepherd, it´s charitary thing which does give me a good feeling spending some money there), that often has the most curious and funny things that I like to buy for VERY small amounts, but it emerged on me that they are closed on weekends.

Video lítið The-Penis-Mall stórt

So then I "venti kvæði mínu í kross", like we say in Iceland (which literally means "I crossed my poem") and went to "The Penis Mall" (from the air the building looks like a huge erected male organ, thus the name by the comics), the actual name is of course "Smáralind", where there are sales on at the moment...

In the first shop I visited, Debenhams, there was a 2 for 1 offer on shoes, and I saw the most marvelous shoes, just like I have been looking for to wear at my co-masonary meetings this coming winter. So I took that pair and then chose another, which turned out in the end to be more exspensive than the ones I was interested in the first place! But anyway it was a good bargain and I´m very pleased with both pairs ;)

I like funny T-shirts, so I always look for them at sales, I found and bought one. So that was me done shopping. Just went home for a cup of coffe, as I was on my own and it´s not as cosy to have coffee alone as when you are with a friend.

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