Thursday, August 11, 2005

Eastwood has arrived!

The Eastwood family has arrived in Iceland: "We want to learn Icelandic"

Mr. Clint Eastwood is in Iceland for making some shots for his new movie "Flags of our Fathers". Unfortunately environmentalists are worried that his team will be digging too many and big holes into the unique landscape at Krýsuvík, that he has chosen and been permitted by proper authorities to use as his location. Less worried that they will get burnt by falling into some of the potholes of bubbling and steaming sulphuric lava or suffocate from the AWFUL smell of sulphur gases that is so dense in the air on that spot! (An awful lot more dense than the smell of sulphur from the hot-water taps in the guestrooms of Hótle Frón!).

Unfortunately too for my son Eysteinn, mr. Eastwood´s team found no other use for his artistic and lingistic skills and newly completed education (this spring) at The Icelandic Film School other than participating in digging those holes. In fact he was not interested enough in mr. Eastwoods filming to pursue this as part of a career in filming. He had hoped to be taken on as an assistant of some kind to the filming crew, partaking in the actual production and gaining some knowledge and experience from the work.

The people he had met on location couldn´t make anything of him having been sent there by the guy handling applications in Reykjavík, told "they will tell when you arrive". He then went to the "office-building" there to find out what this was all about being sent over there. In that place he met some lady who he described as seemingly very offended that he was not truly happy about grabbing the unique opportunity offered by her of digging holes for 12 hours a day (for a very reasonable salary, though, it seems) like the 18-20 year old youngsters they have hired already, just in order to stay around the filming on location! As he is also not much of an outdoors fellow; he is the born"bookworm"; who has always had an almost innate aversion for physical exertion of any sorts, this was, of course, a totally unacceptable offer of a job opportunity to him!

So I´m pretty sure that this will have been his first and also his last attempt at getting his foot inside the USA filming industry!

So, now for him it´s back to selling ads at the firm he has been with for over six years, while also looking for opportunities of producing some low-budget documentaries or short films with one of his buddies, which, I in fact, think is far more creative.

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