Thursday, August 25, 2005

Read this: The Case of Aron Pá

Aron Pálmi Ágústsson:
Born in Reykjavik, 14th July 1983
Parents: Hulda Hermannsdottir and Ágúst Ragnarsson
Aunt: Valgerdur Hermannsdottir
1985: Travelled to the States with his mother where they relocated.
Stepfather: Dean Tomas, Houston, Texas
1996: At the age of 12-13. A fatal error in childish judgement/misconduct
1997: Court hearings, Aron held in house arrest for 8 months
Prosecutor: Mike Trent; defence attorney: A family friend and lawyer
1997: Sentenced to spend 10 years in a correctional facility in the State of Texas penal system
1997-2002 : Prisoned in Merlin, then at Giddings in Harris County
1997-2000 : The Icelandic Office of Foreign Affairs makes efforts for his extradition but to no awail.
2002: Gets limited parole, placed at house arrest in Beaumont, Texas, where he lives alone and is required to wear a GPS device on his ankle.
2005: The RJF-Group and others starts a campaign for his release and permission to return to Iceland. On May 29th: A collective prayer for young Aron Pálmi made at all of the churches in Iceland.

Aron Pálmi´s address:
893 Alma Street
Texas 77705
Tel: 00 1 409 838 6319

The way I heard the story of this, Aron´s version of it, his crime was this: His 7 year old neighbour from next house dared him, the new foreign boy in the neighbourhood, teasing him and telling him to "suck my dick!". Which Aron reacted on by promptly pulling the boys trousers down and taking his penis into his mouth for a short moment, after which the younger boy ran home and told his parents his own version of the incident. This is the version of the incident I heard anyway and what members of his support group mean when referring to "A fatal error in childish judgement/misconduct" in his bio above. In my opinion, if true, not solid ground for sending a youngster, a child, to prison for ten years.

My question, if this is the whole story, is : Where does a 7 year old learn to utter a sentence like "Suck my dick"? From the grown-ups around him,
I would think! Double moral standards all around, in my opinion, something glaringly obvious in American society to us Europeans.

What other nation would make public mockery to the whole world of their president´s strange sexual desires, even though he is a great politician, making that the main issue of news day after day, publishing the most intimate and humiliating details of his private life. I´m talking about Clinton, if you don´t get me. And to make things even worse, electing that "saintly" idiot Bush for their next president! Whereas the late French president´s Francois Mitterand´s mistress came to his funeral with their daughter and stood there side by side with his wife and family, allowed to mourn with them. I think that is a great show of tolerance and human dignity, that the Americans could learn from.

Of course I know that there are (and always have been) perverts, sexual offenders and violators (example 1 , example 2) everywhere and of all ages, but in my opinion, Aron Pálmi is not one of them.

*Should teenagers be convicted for posession of child- porn?


Soumyadip said...

The Americans are Americans and the French French.

Aron Pálmi Ágústsson's 'crime' in any other civilized nation wouldn't have had such unfortunate consequences.

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Anonymous said...

I am a second grade elementary school teacher, in the same area where Aron grew up. I can tell you that I have NEVER heard any child around the ages of 6,7,8, or even 9, say anything that vulgar. A college Psychology course will tell you that children that age are not even capable of sexual desires like that. They are not even producing the testosterone that comes in puberty around the age of 13, or 14. Which, oddly enough, is where Aron was in life. Aron was molesting a small child, and preying on him. Taking advantage of his neivety. Of course the story you heard was made to sound like it was a silly boyish mistake. We are talking about someone who knew what he was doing was wrong. Bottom line. And he spent 5 years in jail, and 5 years wearing a GPS monitoring device where he was able to attend college, and live on his own. Being American or Icelandic has nothing to do with it. He moved to the states when he was a baby. Its really a moral character flaw that hopefully he has worked through with some therapy.

hategoespop said...

A second grade teacher who can't spell naïveté. Good job.