Friday, August 26, 2005

I HateSpam

Wein the Spam-Fighter with family

I Almost ;) won in a Fake-Lottery!

Ah, alas! I could have Used 500.000 GBP (57.285.000,- Ikr.) in Some Ways doing a Lot of Things (going on a World Cruise being one of them), but this website has all the information (lots of it anyway) about the Nigeria-based UK-Fake (Stake) Lottery that promised to e-mail me Loads of Money out of the BLUE ... >súkk<
I almost never win in lotteries anyway, probably because I almost never buy the tickets, which I had not done either in this case!
Here is another site about internet fraud.

And here is one more.
Here is about who is who and what is what in UK lottery, from the BBC News.


Soumyadip said...

I won an 'authentic' lottery once and got a digital wrist watch. The types that cost Rs. 30 (about 75 U.S. Cents). That was way back when I was in school. Have never won anything ever since.

Some of my colleagues had in fact fallen for some of those online pranks and rejoiced on their 'winning.'

amba said...

How do I know that >súkk< means sigh . . .

And have you seen Sigh Club?