Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Reykjavík Culture Night 2005 - last Saturday! (how quickly time passes!)

---Fireworks on Miðbakki---Jónsi of "Dressed in Black"---Andrea Gylfa of Todmobile---

Óskar and I went there for a bit around in the night from about 20.00, don´t know why we didn´t go earlier, sheer laziness I seem to remember! We saw Gulli Briem´s group playing excerpts from his recent CD album "Earth Affair" in front of the Landsbanki (National Bank of Iceland), one of the guys was playing electrical pipes and some strange kind of a flute - enchanting and strange music. We went for hot chocolate in a café above the bookstore IÐA, where I also happened to see the pink star light I´ve been waiting to find for our bedroom (the existing light is a horrible old brown thing) and a darling wonderful pink toymouse (both of which I went straight after work and bought on the Monday. The mouse was promptly named Milla). After that we went to the "Miðbakki" for a concert. First on was the group "Í svörtum fötum" (Dressed in Black), joined by The Police Choir in one number!. Then a very popular duo, the troubadour and country singer KK (Kristján Kristjánsson) and Magnús Eiríksson, his longtime companion in music. Last but not least the (revived for the night) group, "Todmobile", that used to be very popular in the nineties - still going strong! All groups were great. And at the end, just before midnight
The Fireworks !
- they were great too - even though cut shorter than usually by a heavy rainfall - but long enough for my taste and pleasure. After that - everybody running to their cars - soaked!
Err - ok - sorry to say, not everyone managed the running - we ran upon a lady who had fallen smash into a pile of stones - cutting her nose, bleeding - Óskar and another nice guy helped her into the emergency service car that thank God was parked close by. A very busy night for the police. security and first-aid people. Traffic back to the suburbs was amazingly smooth thanks to effective planning by our nice and friendly policeforce in Reykjavík: we only had to wait for about half an hour until being able to get on our way back home - for some more hot chocolate before going straight to bed!

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