Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hi, Stu and Dave...

Hotel Frón:
"[...] Staff was nice, the Icelandic lady who does the breaky layout is
a blogger who seems to think we are naive (it's OK - we're old
and used to it - besides we're American!)."
(Well, OK, I will humbly admit to being an old AND arrogant European!).


He, he, serves you right, complaining about

I guess THEY never heard about OUR water?
* I´m a happy blogger who likes to make a joke!


Stu said...

Greta my dear, I live in Switzerland am very much in love with the water there. Try it some time. No sulfur! :D

Once I'm back, I'll have to ask some Swiss who have been to Iceland for their opinions.

Greta said...

Pls.Let me know what they say!

I´d very much like to go to Switzerland and taste the water, my parents went there a few times, they had some very good friends in Zürich.
I think it must be a nice country to live in.

I hope you understand that I´m only teasing you about the "very good" Icelandic water. Of course there are, still, thank God, lots of places that have very fine water!