Sunday, May 29, 2005

Spanking in Reykjavík

Fréttablaðið/The Newspaper, yesterday:

"A man has been taken to court accused of spanking a playschool teacher, laying her on the enginehood of her car and hitting her a few times on the butt.

The man admits to his crime, but says his excuse was that the playschool teacher had parked her car illegally, blocking the driveway to his house. As he had watched her park and she was getting out of the car he had walked up to her and asked her very politely to park elsewhere, as she was parking illegally, blocking a driveway and making it impossible for him to get his car into his driveway. He claims that she denied this and started making attacks on his manhood, sexually assulting him verbally by calling him names and that she had tried to kick his balls. He reacted to this in the way his mom had taught him by laying her on the enginehood of her car and spanking her lightly a few times.

The Way his Mom taught him ?

The playschool teacher claims that she had done nothing to deserve seach treatment and that she had never tried to kick his balls. Asked to remember the chain of events last fall, her feelings got the best of her and she started weeping, having to halt her testimony for a few minutes. She admits to calling the man "frekjudolla"/pushy just before the spanking took place. A witness claimed that the teacher called the man "rugludallur"/ idiot.

The defending lawyer of the accused claims that he cannot be judged for charges on a single link in an unfortunate chain of events. He claims that the playschool teacher herself broke the law abusing the man with demeaning comments; that she had attacked him verbally before he attacked her literally.

The verdict will be heard in the beginning of June."

Maybe they could learn something from this book from

Keep in mind:

Bad Beaviour never pays
Best not mess with a Playschool Teacher
Not everything your Mom taught you was right

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