Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lazy Town News

Magnús Scheving´s concept of Lazy Town for fighting the increasing danger to the health of children in the western countries in the form of obesity is showing to be a big succsess...

Lazy Town has just signed a contract selling the distributive rights in Southern-Europe and the Middle-East to Disney. Showings will start in Spain in June and in the fall in France and Italy.

The series have become popular in both North- and South-America, where they are being distributed by Nickelodeon Jr.

Contracts are being negotiated in Finland and have been made in Germany, Norway and Iceland.

So now at last we in the homecountry of Sportacus & Co. will be able to wiew them on an Icelandic station!

Congratulations to Magnús and his team!

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Ximena said...

Hello! I'm glad yo finally find somebody from Iceland who can send him something ok... English is not my first languaje...

Anyway... I'm searching around all internet for the Latibær Original Books, because I'm a big fan of the Lazy Town Series. And I'm 20. And want to know how start everything. My problem: I don't know nothing of Icelandic. And I don't know if can help me, at least tell me how many books are and what are about...

oh pleaseeeeeeeeee help me.... <- My email if is needed.

Oh yeah, and I love your blog!!! ^^!