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I was just reading an article in the paper by an Icelandic female writer, who is now residing in the States for some time and writes us epistles about life in the big America. She had been to a party, where there were also two ladies who had just seen an Oprah show about Scandinavian women. The writerlady did not enjoy that party very much and less so as it went on and the two ladies got around describing the content of that show to the other guests. She was feeling hurt and angry when she left the party. Apropos this I just wanted to write this here:

I have NOT yet seen that Oprahshow about Scandinavian women, with an insert about Icelandic women, but I´ve heard a lot about it, so I just want to say:

Icelandic women are NOT all SLUTS ! ! ! They are not always doing dodo in drunken stupor with any man that wants them. But, like in any other countries societies, there exist in Iceland women that are looked upon as sluts. Maybe the difference with us is that we are more tolerant about those so-called than many other nations. And what an ugly name too to call any woman (are there any MALE SLUTS out and about? Ever heard of them?)

There exists a very strange and thin line, or contradiction, between today´s image of the very glamorous sexy sexy lady portrayed in many ads and almost every musictape you see, versus this concept of being considered a slut. I think it must be quite confusing for young people today. We women should all be oh so sexy, but no, no, no, not sluts, even if it´s considered oh so tough to be "slutty"!

So how on earth are our young little sweet (but not so innocent!) girls supposed to know how to be and behave when it comes to sex, with all those impressions that are forced upon them? I think it must be even more diffucult to figure out than ever before. Guess it depends a lot on having a strong background from home to build on.

Which leads me on to the subject of unmarried teenage mothers and our very high percentage of those. With us if a teenagegirl gets pregnant and does not want the pregnancy terminated, her parents will generally support that girl in having that child and bringing it up. The parents often make quite a big effort in this matter, sacrificing time and money to support their daughter in bringing up what is sometimes their first grandchild. It´s considered unfortunate, but not catastrophic for a girl to become a single mother at a young age.
Link: UNICEF - At a glance: Iceland - Statistics

But what also makes the percentage higher is the number of couples with child or children living together without being married. As our stupid laws are financially punative with regard to those who choose to get married, people tend to delay marriage for quite some time in many cases.

But now I´ve drifted into pondering on matters of social context, upbringing and education...

So, like we say in Iceland; On with the Butter! :)
( and if you have a look at the link I made on this, you´ll see some real sweet Icelandic girlies, like the one below!:)

Icelandic women are beautiful, very independent, well educated, strongwilled, highly energetic and resolute, with a mind of their own.
They are no sweet lambs or dainty roses; they are valkyries, viking ladies.
They choose for themselves the men they like and want!
(Yes, sometimes they eat them best behave...)

Oprah and Icelandic Svanhildur

There you have it, regardless of some intended misunderstandings and malicious cutting on the Oprah show on an interwiew with a very well liked Icelandic TV-newswoman, Svanhildur Hólm, who has had to take a lot of criticism from some of the Icelandic public after that show.

I have managed to obtain an excerpt from that show, you can judge for yourself how fair it is to judge the female half of a nation on an answer so obviously cut out of context, just for the purpose of adhering to the tastes of an audience eager to experience some oscenity:
(right click here and "Save Target As")

And of course regardless of some horribly stupid males designing a stupid, stupid advertizing campaign for Icelandair, presenting their fellow female countrymen and the nightlife of Reykjavík´s centre on weekends in a highly twisted mirror.

And Icelandairs stewardesses are NOT like you saw them on the Sopranos!

I´d like to stress too that in Iceland prostitution is illegal. I don´t think there has been made a single pornofilm this country by an Icelander (for publication, anyway, I don´t care what people might do in private!). If there has been, it has certainly been by bl.... foreigners doing it on false pretetexts. How big is the porn-industry in the States, anyway?
Get the answer here: Link: CBS News | Porn In The USA | September 3, 2004 16:36:14

And we are fighting modern slavery, net- and childpornography as best we can, like other nations.

So now you know! ! ! Hrmmpp ! ! !

And on a final note in this ever elongating post of mine: I realized something funny Google-surfing with the word "slut":

In Danish the word "slut" means "the end".
So I would like to ask you:

Is this a book about "A Danish Slut"?

Is this "A Slut-Butt" or is it "The End"?

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