Friday, May 27, 2005

Bravenet photocenter

I have started putting some pictures into my Bravenet photocenter. You are welcome to have a look; it´s located in one of the Bravenet-buttons at the bottom of the sidebar of my blog. It´s some photos from around the country that I´ve googled.

I also decided to try out this "free-links" that I´m not sure of how works. also has the same Icelandic flag that I have in my sidebar in their clip-art section - but theirs is moving ! - But I don´t know how to transfer it to Blogger with the motion, the Picasa service that I use a lot just demobilizes everything! I suspect that maybe it´s just my computer that doesn´t have the right installment for making this work ?

! O.M.G.! The troubles of the middel-aged millenium mouse learning to use a computer all on her own!

Please place your pin in my guestmap and have a look at the daily cartoon too for a laugh!

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