Sunday, May 29, 2005


I was living in Scotland for four years, 1976-1980, or to be more precise, 3 1/2 winters, because we always went back home to Iceland for the summer.


We lived in the small town Galashiels in the Borders area south of Edinburgh. My ex-husband was studying textile technology at The Scottish College of Textiles.


My older son Eysteinn started schooling in Burgh Primary School and learned to read in English. My younger son Úlfur was born there, March 15th, 1978, in the Galashiels Cottage Hospital. Very appropriately The Wee Scot decided to continue his studies in Scotland after completing his studies in computer science at Reykjavík University. He went to the University of Aberdeen, and after that he worked for about a year in Newcastle Upon Tyne for a company producing computer games. Now he is back home in Reykjavík and working in The Computer Centre for Icelandic Savings Banks.

Our landlords at 94 St Andrews Street for 3 winters were Isobel and Ian Aitchison, a very nice couple who gave us a lot of assistance in many ways. They have two sons, Peter and Michael. It was their plan to vistit us in Iceland, but I was so sorry that when they were able to come we had moved to Tanzania, Africa. Then me and my husband divorced while staying there and somehow I lost touch with those very nice friends.

I always look upon Scotland a little bit as a second home away from home.

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