Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lazy Town

Daily Life in Lazy Town

Lazy Town is the succsessful enterprize of a very engergetic (some would even say overactive!) and innovative Icelander, originally a carpenter and a former world aerobics champion, Magnús Scheving (top left in picture). He has all along right from the start of Lazy Town been acting the charcter of Sportacus himself. (In fact that character IS himself!)

It all started at first with just that sporting elf going out on his own to Icelandic Primary Schools promoting healthy living, an enterprize totally mr. Schevings idea. Then he made up the other characters and put together a theatre show for kids. And now it has become a succsessful TV-show in many countries. A great guy who knows how to let things happen!

For fun I want to tell you that we regularly have at Hótel Frón guests staying with us from the Nickolodion who come here in connection with the production of Latibær/Lazy Town located in Garðabær, a small suburban town just outside Reykjavík.

I was just reading some Googling about Lazy Town and I must say that I found some of the reactions of viewers in the USA quite amusing; many of them obviously didn´t know what to make of it, in the beginning at least!

! Robbie Rottens chin is of course not real and his magnificient hairstyle is not his usual daylylife hairstyle (Magnús´ moustache is not the real thing either!) The part is actually played by a very handsome Icelandic actor, Stefan Karl Stefánsson, who used to be seen as a serious actor on the scenes of both our biggest theatres in Reykjavík, The National Theatre and The Reykjavík City Theatre, but has now, to the regrets of many, moved to Los Angeles, USA, with his actress wife Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir

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