Thursday, May 19, 2005

"...If I had your love...

...I could live my dream..."

....Bravó ! ! !

S E LM A...Winner of tonights Eurovision Song Contest....(?)

Anyway, I was watching her number just now and thought she did great, the best performance up to now. It was easy to see that she has been gaining a lot of experience acting in musicals on the big scene of The Reykjavík City Theatre since her last appearance on Eurovision in 1999, where she just missed the first place by a few votes (to Sweden) and came in second. Which goes to show that she was very good even then. So, tonight she must be a certain winner, n´est-ce pas, since her song was also the best....yebb!

I´m the sort of person that never takes much interest in this contest, until on the night; then my heart beats for our contestant, our girl, like everybody elses on this small island of ours with a population of just under 300.000.

(Iceland Population: 296,737 (July 2005 est.)According to, same as the population of a single street in N.Y. I´m told).

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