Monday, May 09, 2005

Busy weekend !

This was a very busy weekend for me. I was helping Óskar serve the breakfast at Hótel Frón Saturday and Sunday mornings. It was quite busy, but also fun, beacause we were starting off in the just enlarged kitchen, I was there six hours on friday cleaning and organizing things.

Óskar og Lárus

Then we also had a little visitor staying with us over the weekend. It was Óskar´s little son Lárus Óskarsson (Lalli), who lives in the little village Neskaupstaður,in one of the fjords on the eastcoast, the "Fjarðabyggð".

Svampur Sveinsson

Yesterday we really enjoyed ourselves. Little Lalli came with me to the hotel and was really good at helping us with the work,clearing and washing tables and drying the cutlery. In the afternoon we went to the movies and saw "Spongebob Squarepants" or "Svampur Sveinsson". It was fun! HA, HA , HA ! I enjoyed myself much more than I had expected, the animation graphics and the music in that film are great.

Afterwards we went and had a swim in one of Reykjavík´s many swimmingpools. We chose the biggest one, called Laugardalslaug, because it has the largest glide (86 m) in the country, something that Lalli thoroughly liked and utilized!


Usually, when we are only the two of us, we go to another one that has seawater mixed with the geothermal water, which we like very much, as you don´t need to put as much chlorine into it and it also contains a lot of healthy minerals that you absorb through your skin and makes it really soft and nice, as well as making you feel great.

In Iceland we have very good swimmingpools all over the county, with warm hot tubs and steambaths,they are so easy for us to make because of all this geothermal water we have. And very conveniently too we also utilize it to heat our houses and grow vegetables and flowers commercially in big greenhouses.
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