Monday, May 23, 2005

Again and once more...

...on the subject of Eurovision in retrospect.
Excerpts from another columnist writing on the Fréttablaðið´s backpage today:

She's the Number One! The Grand Final - Congratulations, Helena Paparizou

" was a strikingly beautiful girl from Göteborg and Greece that won The Eurovision Songcontest this time with a song sounding undeniably Greek, as the group emphasized by dancing a Greek dance on stage. The girl from Malta that came in second was also very attractive. Like a galoping mare she stood on stage and gave her number without the assistance of backup voices in bikinis or twisting bodies. Without tricks or pretence her voice glided over all borders.

11,935 votes for "Angel" the Maltese national final

...Eurovision this time was good entertainment and a good intoduction to Ukraine. This colourful event has become a real "Bank of Joy" (which we in Iceland were also quite, quite sure would win the contest back 1986 when we started participating!). And this time it was interesting to see and the contestants from the smaller countries roll up the otherwise powerful big ones, because both France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain ended up at the bottom. This was very nice entertainmen and most funny was the young boy who brought his granny along and let her beat the drum."

Moldovian Band "Boonika bate doba" "Grandmamma beats the drum-a"

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