Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson free

Michael Jackson, three times acquitted of child abuse,
"I look into the face of children and see God"


... somehow I´ve always felt they are related...

"Character: Eager to please, naive, innocent, gullible...

Although Pinocchio promises the Blue Fairy he'll be good, temptation can be a powerful force for any boy -- even one made of wood. Curious and naive, Geppetto's "little woodenhead" has got a solid thirst for adventure but a shaky sense of what's right and wrong, despite the persistent advice of his "official" conscience, Jiminy Cricket. An easy mark for the practiced con-men of the world at large, Pinocchio must beat temptation and learn to become brave, truthful, and, most of all, unselfish. Only when he proves himself deserving of the Blue Fairy's trust, and his father's love, will he become a real boy."

P.S. And didn´t Pinocchio even have a nose-job too?

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