Monday, June 27, 2005


The Ikea-job-interview went well (hmmm...sounds familiar, but this one REALLY did!). The staff manager seemed in fact almost eager to have me work there, as he explained to me that he likes to have "young mature ladies like you, who are at their best age" working for them. He understands that they are usually good and conscientious workers, punctual and precise and never having problems with either hectic social life or babies and family-stuff.

The work there is going to fit in well with my hoteljob, as Ikea has a policy of being very flexible with regard to working hours for it´s staff, and the pay is very reasonable.

I was not asked to assemble a chair, like in the picture...although I could easily have done it ;)
.. but it was quite funny that the staff manager had a bigger version of the same picture hanging in a frame on the wall! prevent any misunderstanding: I´m talking about the picture in a previous post on the subject...not the picture of a human table below.

Boys: The girl and her attire is not sold in our shops,
you´d have to fix that yourselves

- All the rest you´ll get at IKEA!

Spas Muss Sein

But...úpps...just had a call from the work-agency about the optical-shop job; turns out that the manager there is just taking too long time to make a decision, he has not done so yet she told me, saying that it will just be his loss if he misses this opportunity of a very good worker -

So now maybe I´m confused - but I think I´m going to turn down the Opticaljob should he offer it to me - unless he offers me a very good salary!

So I guess I was right after all in assuming that I had done well at that interview - seems I´m not so dumb at all.


Johnny Newt said...

Congrats on the job interview, i have never been a big Ikea fan but many younger people here in the states
love it. I brought home a table like the one you pictured once, but my wife made me return it !! Haha

Greta said...