Friday, June 24, 2005


Ikea Job Interview - I would do very well at this kind of interview, as I have assembled many an Ikea-chair in my day! ;)

Well, seems I was a bit too sure about the optical-shop-job I talked about in some earlier posts. They have not contacted me yet after the interview, so I guess that job was not mine after all! Not that I mind a lot, pondering a bit about it makes me realize that very likely I would have been bored to bits there!

Just had a call this morning from the personel manager at IKEA, where I had placed an application too. It seems they have some part-time vacancies there, I´m going to see him Monday. I feel quite good about that, because I like the IKEA shop a lot and go there often in my spare time just to have a look, as it is also quite close to my home. I admire the ingenuity with which they put their simple, yet sturdy furniture together and also their ideas for utilizing to the best the space you have within your home. So maybe this will be just a job for me!

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