Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Women´s Day Off in Iceland on October 24th 2005

This is a photo taken in the center of Reykjavík on this very special day last monday, where women stopped work at 14.08, the hour that equals the difference in pay to that which men are receiving (in a 9-5 job) , according to the newest surveys made in Iceland.

Women´s Day Off - Why?

The program of the day was organized in the smaller of the two squeres in the centrum. The turnout proved to be much bigger than anticipated, but by then it was too late to rearrange the placing (closing streets etc. by the police), so as you can see, it was a bit jammed (the reason I stayed at home and watched the program direct on TV!)

The first Women´s Day Off was held on the same date 30 years ago. More should have been achieved in this field of women´s rights than there has been. We women must not tire in the fight for our rights!


A Hairy Snail said...

:D Cheers to you, Greta!!1

Einar said...

Ok, that's an important event. But how can equality be achieved, what steps need to be taken?