Saturday, October 22, 2005


I just finished watching a direct transmission from Copenhagen from the celebration of 50 years of "Eurovision Song contest" and the choosing of the best Eurovision song of all times. The show was excellent and well performed, good entertainment...

BUT: The song that was chosen tonight by audiences all over Europe was, not very surprisingly, the famous "Waterloo", a fine song alright. But Abba, the winners of the contest for THE Erovision song, didn´t show up for this evening of celebration! What an anticlimax, after all the singing and dancing, the anticipation, that we didn´t get a view of the happy winners, the former members of the supergroup, hugging and kissing. No, just a rather shy representavive of theirs that came to the stage to recive the prize, thanking on their behalf with a few words...finish!

Where was Abba?

"Waterloo" was obviously one of the very likely winners tonight. In a way I think Abba owed it to the oragnisers of the celebration to show up, as this was also the hit that put them on the chart internationally back then and helped them become so famous. Have they become too big for the Eurovision nowadays?

Or maybe the reason they didn´t come is that they split up long ago and are not all that keen on hugging and kissing anymore ? Unlike "The Brotherhood of Man, that showed up for the night, happy and smiling.

Many very fine songs were remembered, but I was really offended by one thing:

There was no mention of Dana and "All kinds of everything" whatsoever!

Where was Dana?

I Googled an found out that this is what Dana is doing today. A beautiful woman, a fine singer and a very nice song that won the contest in 1970. As I said before, I find it very strange that there was no mention of her in the whole show, especially since they had both Johnny Logan and good "old" Cliff Richard there, who only "almost" won, more than once, if I´m correct, with songs that even so became popular. Like so many runners-up in this contest, where they are sometimes the songs better remebered than the real winners.

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