Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ten Things That Age You

1. Feeling overwhelmed by stress- No
2. Drinking too much alcohol- or drinking too little- Have to say too little
3. Moving too little- That too
4. Eating too much saturated fat- I don´t think so
5. Smoking cigarrettes- No
6. Breathing polluted air- No, I´m lucky
7. Getting too much sun- No, if anything I´d have to say too little
8. Getting too little sleep- No
9. Being overweight- I am not overweight.
10. Eating too much sugar- Yes, I have bouts of eating icecream and sweets!

I believe this calculates my age the 54 I am and I go for a check regularly anyway.


SaffronSaris said...

Greta, thanks for dropping by SaffronSaris--my 1st visitor from Iceland! How is Iceland like?
You got a nice blog here :)
Oh, I replied in my comments you are welcomed to use the panda pic here too

Soumyadip said...

54 isn't old.

dom said...

Apart from gorging on icecream , do you have any vices ?
I followed the link from my girlfriends page ... I'd faint if I tried attempting to answer these :-)

Greta said...

Blog-addiction and staying up late!