Thursday, October 20, 2005

I´ve been tagged...

I was tagged by Soumyadip of Mindless Musings of an Unmindful Mind. I´m not terribly good at this, but seems I´m supposed to state some 20 random facts about myself. OMG, that´s difficult, as I´m really rather a shy person and I don´t know what to tell about myself. But I´ll be a sport and give this a try, so her goes:

20 random facts about me:

1. I´ve got a whole stack of books that I´ve not read yet.
2. I don´t posess a credit card (unlike most of my countrymen).
3. I could not live without my car, an Opel Astra station 1995. Takes me everywhere and quite often my parents too. It can be very practical to have a station car if you have to move things and when travelling.
4. I have not read Harry Potter.
5. I don´t smoke, I very seldom drink alcohol and then I prefer white wine. My favourite drinks are fruit juice, coffee and SWISS MISS!
6. I like to sleep late in the mornings. Sometimes I get up during the night and do things I got the idea for while sleeping and then go back to bed.
7. I love having a bath and then going to sleep in a bed that has just had the sheets changed. Uhm...
8. I don´t like to eat meat, even though I´ll have a bite of it if I´m a guest somewhere just to be polite. But I like fish and seafood a lot. And I love any kind of fruits and vegetables. I´m not a bad cook but even so I don´t like cooking much. I´m not a very tidy housewife, even though I like having my flat clean and tidy.
9. I´m not scared of anything, except: Knives, guns and getting stuck in an elevator (hasn´t happened yet and hopefully never). I´m not afraid of insects or mice, though I prefer the latter to stay outdoors.
10. What makes me feel good: Listening to Buena Vista Social Club´s music will always put me in a good mood. Making pancakes too. I love candlelights, they also make me feel nice. I always have plenty of candles in my flat.
11. I love going to the theatre, regardless of the play. The movies too, but then I´ll refuse going to see some stupid horrorfilm, I´m not paying for getting revolted. War of the Worlds is the worst film I´ve ever seen and I´d rather not risk topping that!
12. I don´t know how to skate or ski.
13. I never watch soccer.
14. I don´t go to the gym or work out, but I want to go parachuting before I become too old and brittle and while I still have my own teeth:

...this video will show you why!

15. I would like to travel much, much more than I do now.
16. I collect teddybears, at the moment I´ve got 35.
17. I find myself increasingly agreeing with my mother when thinking back on my childhood. She once on the topic of me having done some pranks exclaimed: You! Impossible, you were always such a well behaved child! Fading memory....
18. First time in love? I had a crush on one of my big sister´s classmates when I was 4. When I was 7 there was a boy in my class that I really liked, but after I caught sight of him walking alone along the sidewalk and singing out loud, I dropped every thought of him, because I thought this was a very childish and inappropriate behaviour!
19. I´m addicted to blogging.
20. I think 20 is far too many random facts to tell...phew!

I´m only going to tag two persons, Risa of CALL IF YOU NEED ME and Arindam of duck on the third rock.

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Soumyadip said...

Looks like we share some similarities there. No skating and skiing for me and I really detest those stupid horror movies, they make me laugh. Thank god, I didn't watch The War of the Worlds. So long no credit card in my wallet, but only yesterday a sweet talking telecaller cajoled me into getting one - supposedly free of cost and no strings attached since my employer has opened a salary account in my name with their bank. And I too am a blogaddict in the making.

But I might not give the parachuting thing a try, rattling my own teeth or those provided by the dentist.

Einar said...

Jà, War of the Worlds war oemulegt... Buena Vista Social Club, mmmh, alltime classic!

Johnny Newt said...

I can't believe I've missed so many posts.
So sorry for being a stranger. I always wonderd if Scandanavians actually drank Swiss Miss!
My father always said he wasn't afraid of guns, it was the bullets he was afraid of !!
Your post about Thelma and her sisters wrenched at my heart, what a sad and awful thing to happen to such precious little ones. Today my prayers are hers.