Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On the subject of in-laws...

This is Óskar senior, Óskars dad and my dad-in-law. He is 82 years old and a very nice and funny guy. Here he is playing the mandolin he got as a present when he was fourteen.

He is an intelligent man, who has taught himself to read and write several foreign languages, and an ardent collector of many things. He has 112 Bibles in as many languages and stamps and coins from all corners of the world. He also has both musical and poetical talents, he makes small verses in rhyme whenever he wants and has composed some popular tunes.

Before becoming a pensionist he worked for many years as the school janitor of the only primary school in Neskaupstaður, his home village. When he was younger he was a seaman and used to drink too much, but he has managed to stay sober now for more than thirty years.


Dirk the Feeble said...

Anyone who can play the mandolin is automatically awesome.

Johnny Newt said...

I too have always loved the Mandolin it reminds me of the folk music we have in the U.S very beautiful. Hope all is well with you Greta glad to see you squeaked pass the "In-Law" dilemma , i know you were dreading it. i think you would of been great though!