Monday, January 16, 2006

The treasured Iceland-India connection

A poem made by Dr. Abdul Kalam, president of India during his official vistit to Iceland in May 2005.
(I found this on a blog by a woman who met the president when he visited her workplace during his visit and thought my Indian readers might be interested to read it):


Nature, man and their clasped hands
And magnificent thoughts converging here
Sun, in the summers, keeps an eye on this island
Shines through the day and most of the night

Raining clouds and rainbows feature
Just like a song heard at a distance
Telling the humans to harness the nature
In a sustaining way, for beautiful rhythm

Continents met to make this beautiful landscape
Mountainous track and Vikings of yore
Showed us a system of deliberation and decision
Democracy in action lives to up to this day

As it eschews violence and naturally humane
Buoyancy in thoughts and peace in the soul
Shall take you to heights, with nature in tact
God bless you friends and may you all live well

Dr. Abdul Kalam, May 31 2005.
(Dr. Kalman got the inspiration for this poem when he visited the ancient Parliament of Iceland at Thingvellir Valley at Iceland.)

Dr. Kalam with Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, president of Iceland and his wife Dorrit Moussaieff.
(Two men with clasped hands! :o) )

Iceland is opening an embassy in New Dehli.

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aklanta said...

I got to see a lot of visuals of Iceland recorded during our Prez's was just mesmerising. How can the Prez not be touched by that!