Monday, January 23, 2006

The Rainbow Children

Stefán Karl Stefánsson, the actor who plays Robbie Rotten in LazyTown is the founder of the Rainbow Children organization in Iceland, with the goal of helping children who are the victims of bullying. As a child Stefan Karl was himself a bullying victim.

Now he is starting a campaign for a similar organization in the USA, touring to give
talks in schools and planning to have other celebrities join him in this work.

Ha, ha, I had a laugh when I saw what it says on the "white"board in the photo in the link above: Rass í bala = butt in a bucket!
The letters "Þ" and "Ð" are special Icelandic letters.

"How healthy is your world?"
Read Magnús Scheving´s (and other peoples) answer to the question on the homepage of WHO.


caribougirl said...

Thanks for keeping LazyTown in the news for us, Greta, and the "what should I do when I grow up" entries are great--even though I'm plenty grown up, I'm always open to new possibilities.

Hope you don't mind, but I just decided to tell some smart friends at a message board about your blog. At least one will really appreciate it. The guy who runs it is encyclopaedic about energy, politics and art. His name is Al.

Greta said...

You are welcome, I´m honoured! ;o)