Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tonight I got an
gift from Óskar:
A ticket to
a concert with
The Tallis Scholars

It was a wonderful concert!
I bought 3 CD´s with their music in the interval and put one on straight away when I came home. I´m listening to it now as I´m typing this.
Very relaxing music.

Gimell Records and The Tallis Scholars
A record company set up in 1981 by the group´s founder and director Peter Phillips and producer Steve C. Smith, solely to record The Tallis Scholars. It has released over 40 recordings.

About Thomas Tallis


Mo'a said...

What a wonderful gift. I love Renaissance and coral must be in our Icelandic blood.
I understand that you are a school girl now, good luck with your new endeavors.
All your new blogs are great, I spent hours looking at all the sites you posted urls for. I am in awe of how you can find such wonderful sites.

Greta said...

Thank you very much, Móa.
It´s always so nice to hear from you, I´m so glad you find my blogs entertaining.

Yes, I hope my studies will go well. It was a kind of a hurried decision, but a right one all the same I think. It starts January 24th, when pupils will be sent their passwords to the WebCT. Exciting! :o)