Sunday, April 24, 2005

My choir

Today my choir, Manasija (which in fact is so small it can hardly be called a choir, we are only five people: 1 soprano, 1 alto, 1 tenor, 2 bas! I´m singing soprano for the first time in my life and amazingly improving with each rehearsal; I used to sing alto!) sang for the first time at mass, that is to say a mass for the Serbian orthodx catholic congregation in Reykjavík. Their priest recides in Oslo, Norway, but is here now on a visit. I have a good friend who has been rehearsing us, but he used to sing in church for 15 years back home in Vojvodena, Jugoslavia. His voice is a beautiful tenor. I myself am of Lutheran-evangelic faith, but I found this all very interesting, it was fun being to my first orthox-catholic mass ever as a member of the choir :). Before I´ve only been 2-3 times to a Roman-catholic mass, besides of course masses in my own religion.
I´ve been in choires before, but always with a lot of other people, where the strain never really was on me and always having an easy time singing the alto!; but after this experience I realize that I actually have a quite nice higher voice, soprano! I love it! The singing is actally giving me so much joy inside that I´ve been missing for a long time :) Plus the mass in itself is also very spiritually uplifting.

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