Friday, April 29, 2005

Attention: - A Star Is Born -

The Scriptwriter Eysteinn K.

...just kidding...but yesterday I had great fun participating as a statist in a short movie that my older son and five of his schoolmates are making as a graduation project from The Icelandic Film School. My son is the scriptwriter of the film and adapts the script after a short story by the well known Icelandic writer Þórarinn Eldjárn.
The story is set in 1963 and is about four boys who are very exited to see Hitchcock´s brand new horrormovie Psycho that has just opened in one of the Reykjavík cinemas. Their translation of the name of the film to Icelandic is "Pískó".
The story describes the difficulties of the smallest and youngest of the boys to get past the ticketman at the entrance, as this movie is X-rated, forbidden for kids under the age of 14. He tries several outfits and diguises, which the ticketman easily perceives and towards the end he has become quite frustrated by these hopeless and laughable attemps. At last the boy manages to get inside the cinema with the help of his friends; they stage a fight in the corridor and he slips inside while the ticetman goes to have a look at what the commotion is about.

It was great fun taking part, and I´m looking forward to the Premiere on the graduationday May 13th.

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