Tuesday, December 20, 2005


As I have already given links to blogs with stuff about the Icelandic yulelads, I now want to give a link to the Danish Christmas NISSE, from Denmark, the country of my grandmother on my father´s side. And here is some information about Danish yuletide traditions, some of whom have been adopted by the Icelanders, with Iceland being a former Danish colony, or until 1918, and a part of the Danish Kingdom, having selfrule in certain matters but with a shared monarch, until 1944.


Miz BoheMia said...

How exciting to find someone write about the Nisse! I am Danish/Iranian (although with some Icelandic thrown in... my grandfather was Danish/Icelandic and I still have family in Reykjavic whom I have never met) and that is exactly how we do Christmas! I remember as a kid I used to think of it all as sweet torture and now I make my kids go through the same thing!

Doug Bagley said...

Thanks. How are ya doing, anyway?

Mo'a said...

This is wonderful. My son and his kaerasta has been telling us about the Danish traditions. We have been comparing them to the Icelandic traditions. Friday we will be making Julehjerter, they brought us glanspapir.
It is nice to see miz bohemia here.
Greta, your blogs are all so educational I love them all.

Greta said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. I´m always very happy to have them :o)
Doug, thank you, I´m fine. Had a small accident last Sunday though, fell and hurt my left ankle, nothing broken thank God.
I´m getting better very fast, today I abandoned the crutch I had acquired and next Sunday I´ll be dancing by all accounts!