Friday, December 09, 2005

New Life Magazine´s Woman of the Year 2005

Rembember Thelma Ásdísardóttir, the woman I told you about previously on my blog?

Now she has been honored with the title "Woman of the Year" by "Nýtt líf" (New Life), an Icelandic monthly magazine, for her courage to come out in the open with her story of how she and her sisters were abused by their father their entire childhood. In this photo she is seen with former president of Iceland, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and Gulllveig Sæmundsdóttir, editor of Nýtt líf, after receiving her prize on 11/30/2005

Thelma has also been chosen "Ljósberi" (Light Bearer) of the year 2005, here is the newsarticle (in Icelandic, sorry) in one of Icelands two largest newspapers, the "Morgunblaðið" (The Morning Paper).

Thelma´s life is really busy these days, she is giving talks in various societies all over the country, including at a meeting arranged by the towncouncil of Hafnarfjörður, her hometown, where she grew up and which was the scene of her misery. She says in a short interview with "Séð og heyrt" (Seen and Heard), Icelands main tabloidmagazine, that her life has taken an U-turn, but that the most inportant thing that has come from the publishing of her book is the positive reception that it has met, going beoynd her wildest dreams, and the great effect it is having in opening up a debate about childabuse and encouraging other victims to come forward.

And Thelma is a great humourist: Talking about her feelings at the presentation of her prize as Woman of the Year, she told the journalist that she had been quite overwhelmed with feelings, but that she managed to maintain her calm and hold back her tears, in order to be able to make her speech of thanks, by thinking about her forthcoming VISA-bill!

Congratulations, Thelma, you are a real hero!

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