Monday, December 19, 2005

Just for fun.....

This is the girl the Icelandic Bachelor chose, with her daughter.
She is a single mom from a previous relationship. Even though always seeming a little withdrawn and shy, she very obivously had a big crush on the bachelor from very early on in the series. After the series she told that she had not expected to fall in love participating, but she also told that she held herself back on purpose in the girls competition over the bachelor, because she had sensed very early that it was her he was really interested in. Even so, she was not very good at hiding her jealousy! But, as the bachelor himself admitted: "I could not very well go ahead and choose one girl right from the early start, because then there would obviously have been no series... :) (Yeah, Monika, I think too he also had a lot of fun fingering all those other girls!)
A lovely girl and I hope they will be happy and manage to build a good relationship in peace, even though they have the eyes of our whole little nation on them !


Dirk the Feeble said...

The girl looks cute, but the guy looks kind of like a punk.

Minka said...

Maybe he just didn´t want to miss the chance of kissing and touching all the other girls :) he was quite bussy that one.
But I wish them the best of luck and hope they will turn this weird start of a relationship into a sucessful life.

Greta said...

Monika: Thihi!
Armaedes: He is actually a country boy, rather than a punk.
He had never been abroad in his life until in the series, when he and three of the girls were in San Fransisco together.
Actually he stayed there for a month during the showing of the series, so I guess he never saw pictures of himself on every bus in Reykjavík, advertising the bachelor!