Monday, November 14, 2005

Shorter Days

Everything is now moving more and more slowly in this part of the world, at least where I´m concerned.
I cuddle up indoors and z-z-z a lot!
Then again sometimes I stay up a bit during the small hours of the night (as I´m not working these days), because honestly, what´s the difference? ;)

Photo nr.1:
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Photo nr. 2: ?


Mo'a said...

Beautiful Photos, makes me homesick. Thank you for the web-site link.It is great fun, especially the Icelanic version.

Bubbly Theater said...

I think Iceland is wonderfull in winter. It's just the perfect mood for Christmas. A friend that lived for a year in Iceland told me that there were times in winter where it was that windy that she wasn't allowed to run (!) ...

aklanta said...

The first thing I used to do after leaving bed every winter morning in my childhood was to look for snow outside, even though I knew there was no reason for a snowfall in the part of the country I was living. It’s not neither near to Himalayas, nor its altitude supported it.

But some how I was expecting some miracle to happen that the outside would be covered with snow. I still feel jealous about the people leaving in those areas where winter means snow capped surroundings.